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Easy Sore Throat Soother/Drink/”Remedy”

I’ve caught a summer cold. :(

But here’s the thing: Between my hypoglycemia (I can’t have processed sugars…) and my DEADLY allergy to Dextromethorphan (I go into Anaphylaxis…), my options for store-bought sore throat & cough medicines are limited. Okay, more like non-existent.

But this really helped me last night when my throat was so sore that it was keeping me awake when I was trying to rest:

  1. Microwave/boil a cup of water.
  2. Add in a teeny-tiny amount of honey. Stir in until “clear.” (Honey doesn’t mess with my glucose levels if I use a minuscule amount — but if it messes with yours, then leave this step out).
  3. Stir in just a tad of orange juice. (Lemon juice would probably also work, but I didn’t have any).

It’ll taste pretty terrible — almost exactly like a store-bought remedy! — but it works really well. Or, at least, it did for me. It calmed down my throat pain enough that I was finally able to get some sleep. (And the steam cleared up my sinus pressure!).

Anyway, if you’re sick and your body hates everything “normal” like mine does, then give this a try. Maybe it’ll help you feel a little better. <3

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A Fun Way to Make Money Online: Pretend to Be a Fictional Character

Check out my latest article for The Penny Hoarder! It’s all about earning money as a character blogger (someone who ghostwrites as a fictional character).

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I was born a decade too late.




What I wouldn’t give to have been around (well, I was around, but very young) when Xena was on air. I find myself trawling old fandom websites, forums, and such in the wee hours of the morning only to get 404ed or find they were last updated 10 years ago. I wish I could’ve been part of the madness.

This is just one of many reasons there must be a truly awesome remake of Xena in the future. 

forever and allways ^ all that

Replace Xena with Twin Peaks and yeah… >_<